Monday, January 18, 2016

"Painting McVicker - Laguna Canyon" - Oil on Linen

I painted this painting at Willow park (Laguna Canyon) a couple of months ago during the LAPAPA invitational.I had not been happy with something about it and decided it might be the path so I changed it a bit.  I am happy with it now.  The artist in the painting is Jim McVicker.

"Lake Barbara - Laguna Canyon" - 6" x 12" Oil on board

Had a wonderful day painting in Laguna Canyon at the Nix Center.  A little walk away is this hidden lake. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

"Heisler Park - Laguna Beach" 8" x 16" oil on Board

Painted En Plein Air during the Laguna Beach Invitational.
"Treasure Island and Montage" 8" x 10", 6" x 12" oil on Board

Plein Air paintings

"Peter's Canyon Morning 2" 9" x 12" oil on Board

Photo is a bit dark but I enjoyed painting this and getting a colorful tree.
"A Peter's Canyon Morning Glow" 9" x 12"  oil on Board

 Juried into Orange County Fair- 2016

Achieved the morning glow that I witnessed the morning I took the photo. 

"A Touch of Gold" 5" x 7" oil on Board

Finally getting back to painting!   I have been ill for 4 weeks now and had not felt much like painting.  I did a quick couple hour painting, so very much impressionistic which is quite fun.  I call it, "A Touch of Gold".

"Fruit of our Labors" - 9" x 12" oil on Board

Today's painting.  I don't know what to call.  Any suggestions?  I still may work on the face a bit.  Still trying to get in creative brush strokes.