Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fun Drawings

"Fun Drawings from my Sketchbook"

Dejah's pucker

Louis Armstrong
Tired Old Man - Getty Museum Statue or was it Huntington Library?

Glacier National Park

"Glacier National Park - Highland Passage" -  Pastel on Sand Paper

This is a total different style of painting for me.  I wanted to create the rocks with multicolors to create the look of rocks and without using greys or browns.  I also used cross hatching for the rocks.

This is one of the most beautiful National Parks I have been to.  Many of the most beautiful areas requires some hiking.

Whistlers Park

"Whistlers Park" -  Pastel on Sand Paper

This painting was painted in Oregon.  Initially I did not appreciate the painting and left it in Oregon.   The following year when I went back, I loved the painting.  I recently entered it into the OC Fair and it has been accepted.  Only 4 pastels were accepted this year.

"Horse Stampede on Bark Paper" -  Oil on Bark Paper

Wanted to try painting on a new surface so I tried this bark paper.  I love it and will try some new paintings on this paper again.