Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Treasure Cove Waterfalls - Laguna" - 11 x 14" oil on Board

This painting was juried into the OC Fair 2015.

Wanted to go paint outdoors today but RAIN!  I was planning tomorrow but rain is scheduled for tomorrow as well.  So.... I decided to paint from a photo I had from a walk with my husband along the shores of Treasure Cove in Laguna.  Such a beautiful place.  Again this is with a pallet knife.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

"Aquatic Center - Back Bay" - 9x12" oil on canvas


Another pallet knife painting.  It was a very overcast day, and when I decided to stop at 1:30, well after the other painters left, it started to rain when I hit the car.  Good thing I stopped.  I did not have an umbrella set up.  I think I am getting close to where I want to be for my Plein Air paintings.  I hope to start selling soon, but wish I had an expert to tell me if they are at that level.  I think we sometimes think our work is better than it is.  HELP!


"Nature's Surprises - Peter's Canyon" - 9x12" & 10 x 16  oil on Board

One is fall, one is spring.  One is impressionistic, one is realistic.  Painted on site, the realistic one took 3 different days to paint.  Impressionistic paintings are much faster.

"Statue of Mary - Roger's Gardens" - 8x10" oil on Board

50 artists painted at Roger's Gardens on their annual Paint Day.  This is the painting I painted while there for this day.  I had so much fun and nervous about so many people watching.  But thought I did well for the first time painting in this environment.  They even put a photo of me painting on their blog about the event.

Take a look!
"Muth Interpretive Center - Back Bay" - 9x12" oil on canvas


Overcast day.  Tried the pallet knife again.  I really enjoyed and happy with the turnout.  Finished on site.

Pallet knife puts the paint on faster, thicker and less detail.  I love the look and the texture.  The shadows you obtain from the thick paint can be amazing.