Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Open Space - San Jaun Capistrano" - 9x12" oil on canvas

Never knew this place existed.  It is near Ortega Hwy and known as "Open Space".  It is a hiking area and during the winter you can walk to a water fall.  Driving in the driveway, you pass a winery where you can sample some wine.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Heart of Irvine Park" - 8x10" oil on Hardboard

Started painting this for a friends daughter's wedding but when I went back to finish it, the limb above the heart was gone.  The painting was still wet for the wedding so I ended up giving the new couple a different gift.  Their last name is Hart :)

"Foggy Day - Peter's Canyon" - 8x16" oil on Hardboard

On one of my hiking days, my hiking partner told me to turn around.  This is the view we had that morning.  A low hanging fog in the Canyon.  This is painted from a photo but I tried to capture what I remembered from that day.

"Roger's Goddess - 10x16" oil on Board

This painting was in an exhibit at Roger's Gardens.  This is in a more realistic style. The flowers are much more vibrant in the real painting.

"Cherub" - 8x10" oil on Hardboard

I loved this cherub statue.  So..... I painted it.

"Roger's - Statue of Mary" - 8x10" oil on Hardboard

To learn more about painting outside and to become comfortable painting in front of people, I got up the courage to paint with 50 artists onsite at Roger's Gardens.

This is the composition I chose from one of the multiple beautiful scenes at the Gardens.