Monday, November 29, 2010

"Enthusiasm" - 5 x 7 inch Oil on Hardboard

Orange roses are a mixture of red and yellow roses and have a high level of energy encircling them.  Maybe it's the color,  the resemblance of the sun or warmth of a glowing sunset.  They are often associated with passion, excitement and enthusiasm.  This rose has a glow about it and was accomplished by glazing.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Delaney" - 18 x 24 inch Pastel on Sanded Paper

What a story.  I painted this beautiful dog for a client in St. Louis.  I shipped it unframed since the customer wanted his wife to pick out the frame.When they went to look for that frame they place the painting on the table.  While they were out, the housekeeper was dusting and dusted this beautiful pastel painting!.  They sent it back and I touched up the smears and sent it back framed.  I loved the likeness and realistic look I achieved.

"Bridge at Toketee Falls"

One of my favorite places to go - in winter, spring, summer and fall.  This is the bridge you first see when starting your hike into Toketee Falls in Oregon.  The snow is fresh and the green moss is of lime green.  What a contrast in colors.  The fall brings many different colors to the area.  One day I will paint the fall in Toketee Falls.

5 x 7 inch Original Oil on Hardboard by Terry Ann Stanley 

"Sunflower in Yellow Stripes"

5 x 7 inch Original Oil on Hardboard by Terry Ann Stanley

One of my students was trying to clean up her area and placed this sunflower in this cup.  I thought it was a bright cheery composition.  I had wanted to try the background colors for some time and had not decided on a composition so I put them together and this is what came out.  The background colors are very rich and I loved the way it turned out.  Thanks to my student.